Release note -




  • [HZ-1221] New community supervisor role. This role allows a community manager to grant access to to supervision features of this community to any other internal user
  • [HZ-1222] Management of inactive communities. Administrators can now configure a lifespan for inactive communities (6 months by default) before a notification is sent to community managers. Inactive communities can be filtered from communities supervision list 

User Experience

  • [HZ-1209] Email digests layout and content has been improved. Reactions on the same content are now grouped. A direct link toward corresponding content is available and a download link is available for documents



User Experience

  • [APPS-538] When creating a topic, default category is now automatically selected
  • [APPS-539] When creating a topic from a category, this category is selected by default in the topic creation form and user is redirected back to this category when article is submitted



User Experience

  • [APPS-540] Page name is now displayed in notifications created when reacting on this page




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