Release note -




  • [HZ-1223] Closed taxonomy management. This behaviour can configured by administrators. With this setting on, users cannot create ad hoc tags in activity streams, profile skills and document management. A new feature helps administrators to list, rename and delete available tags

User Experience

  • [HZ-1238] Community avatar now supports PNG with transparency



User Experience

  • [HZ-1226] 5 star rating system available on all pages and documents. This setting is activated by default and can be switched on/off by community managers
  • [HZ-1229] New dynamic content widget to display inline PDF and iframes
  • [HB-1072] Web responsive management of page layout and page sections


User Experience

  • [HZ-1224] Fix problem when selecting a picture from resources browser, dialog window could stay visible and selected picture was resized to an extra small resolution
  • [HZ-1239] Fix problem when a dynamic content widget ends up in a 401 HTTP status, the whole page was not displayed


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