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The upgrade setup pack allows you to perform an update from to


  • [HZ-1399] - [AUTHORING] - Bind the link "tocLink" on all the page instead of only in the Summary div
  • [HZ-1401] - showMasterLoader method improvement
  • [HZ-1402] - [AUTHORING] - Create a WebPart Stream usable in an authoring page


  • [HZ-1400] - [AUTHORING] - Bring back the ScrollToTop button in authoring page
  • [HZ-1404] - Format of password reset is awkward
  • [HZ-1405] - Improve reports by filtering on object class
Release Notes - hoozin Bugs - Version - Old ticketing repository


Release Notes - Hoozin Bugs - Version


  • [ HB-1239] - Javascript error on SearchResultsContentZone when a file has a single quote in his name


Release Notes - hoozin Apps Bugs - Version - Old ticketing repository


Release Notes - Apps - Version


  • [APPS-610] - [CALENDAR] - Unable to view event security
  • [APPS-611] - [CALENDAR] - If a contributor is added, the "readers" cannot see the event


Release Notes - Hoozin Core - Version - New ticketing repository


Release notes - Hoozin Core - Version 15.0.10


  • [HZ-10] - [AUTHORING] - Increase the number of displayed news in News widget wizard
  • [HZ-15] - Duplicate hoozinWebpartManager.js code from Core to SharePoint.Dependencies.14
  • [HZ-16] - Add a parameter to remove the "s" parameter scope in search results page url


  • [HZ-18] - Create a new InitProcessing into the synchro to manage "renamed" users
  • [HZ-19] - "Copy content URL" feature in stream posts


  • [HZ-1] - Иа instead of Russian in community names
  • [HZ-2] - Visitors loose access to public community after switch to private and back to public
  • [HZ-4] - tags in russian concatenated to 7 symbols
  • [HZ-5] - incorrect recovery from recycle bin
  • [HZ-6] - Avatar importer post processing is not working with thumbnails coming from AD connector
  • [HZ-9] - [AUTHORING] - When a user creates a link with russian text, the text in the link is empty


Release Notes - Hoozin Core Apps - Version - New ticketing repository


Release notes - Hoozin Core Apps - Version 15.0.10


  • [HZAPPS-1] - incorrect event in blog app


  • [HZAPPS-2] - Error message when user tries to open deleted FAQ question




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