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The upgrade setup pack allows you to perform an update from to


  • [HZ-31] - [Admin] - New menu in the administration menu to get the current hoozin version and all it's modules easily
  • [HZ-35] - [Authoring] - Layouts improved regarding the size of the main menu
  • [HZ-36] - [Authoring] - Make authoring menu bar displayed correctly with small menu
  • [HZ-39] - [Directory] - A new option allows to not display external users into the users directory


  • [HZ-1] - Sometime encoded characters could be displayed instead of the value (ie: Иа instead of Russian in community names)
  • [HZ-4] - In russian number of characters in a tag is limited to 7 instead of 50 
  • [HZ-23] - Issue with Chrome and internal link with a JS Regex
  • [HZ-37] - [Directory] - Fix user search with empty string
  • [HZ-22] - [Authoring] - PDF viewer plugin is now displayed in the current user language
  • [HZ-40] - [Authoring] - Bug when editing an existing dynamic webpart
  • [HZ-41] - [Authoring] - Bug in authoring widget Stream on refresh pending posts click
Release Notes - hoozin Bugs - Version - Old ticketing repository


Release notes - Hoozin Core Apps - Version


  • [HZAPPS-3] - On old events, error could be displayed when accessing to the detail


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