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The upgrade setup pack allows you to perform an update from to


  • [HZ-58] - [CONNECTORS] - WebRequest connector should return at least an empty root node if no feed is requested
  • [HZ-61] - Being able to search without filters
  • [HZ-62] - Add hoozinEvents in HoozinHeaderPostZone.js and in HoozinPostPlugins.js
  • [HZ-63] - Being able to use custom tooltip in a plugin
  • [HZ-64] - [AUTHORING] - Being able to refresh a widget in an Authoring page in edit mode and to refresh the cache
  • [HZ-66] - [CONNECTORS] - Improve webrequest connector when an error occurs
  • [HZ-67] - New feature allowing to send a custom email to an audience
  • [HZ-68] - [CONNECTORS] - Add ImpersonatedUserSid Setting in Toolbox widget WebPart
  • [HZ-69] - UI bug when the footer is active in the APPS list
  • [HZ-71] - [WIDGETS] - Add header "asyncLoad" in hoozin.UI.loadAsyncWebpart method
  • [HZ-72] - [AUTHORING] - Add a custom CSS and JAVASCRIPT file in an Authoring page
  • [HZ-73] - [WIDGETS] - Improve xml widget definition cache management
  • [HZ-74] - Add dashboard monitoring on context manager


  • [HZ-60] - Issue with the settings enabling the user directory feature
  • [HZ-65] - [AUTHORING] - Summary in Headlines and news list widgets is showing HTML tags
  • [HZ-70] - [WIDGETS] - Error message if a RESX file does not exist in SharePoint list for the Widget builder
  • [HZ-75] - [AUTHORING] - Bug in IE, EDGE, and old Chrome when open the Page Settings in an Authoring page


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