Release note -

The upgrade setup pack allows you to perform an update from to


  • [HZ-78] - [AUTHORING] - Use Browser cache to render Widget in authoring page
  • [HZ-90] - Improve the stream webpart when used into an authoring landing page
  • [HZ-91] - Create two WebParts Stream for Authoring. (Community stream and Main stream)
  • [HZ-92] - Redisign the widget "picker" in the authoring
  • [HZ-94] - Improve XSLT extension method to return XPathNodeIterator from string and define a default node if empty


  • [HZ-76] - Add the SharePoint version in the versioning admin screen


  • [HZ-77] - User listed in the people picker, have an unecessary double quote in the src of the avatar image
  • [HZ-80] - user and group name with П
  • [HZ-81] - Issue with RSS feed
  • [HZ-82] - Issue when editing a post with attachments
  • [HZ-83] - Bug in WidgetManager when reload a widget in Authoring page
  • [HZ-84] - News widget shows html markups
  • [HZ-85] - Hoozin authoring stream shows wrong community icons, when page is displayed in an authoring page
  • [HZ-95] - Issue with the "tableName" in the CSV connector for Directoy Synchronization


  • [HZ-93] - Update the WCMService to return widget thumbnail url


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