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The upgrade setup pack allows you to perform an update from to
Release Notes - Hoozin Core


  • [HZ-42] - Integrate a polyfill of Promise object for IE
  • [HZ-107] - Catch error 500 when a user post a message
  • [HZ-104] - Post multiple files into the post document plugin

Release Notes - Hoozin Apps

Release notes - Hoozin Core Apps - Version


  • [HZAPPS-14] - [DOC MANAGEMENT] - Move a file or folder to his parent by using drag & drop
  • [HZAPPS-15] - [DOC MANAGEMENT] - Download multiple files
  • [HZAPPS-16] - [DOC MANAGEMENT] - Move multiples files


  • [HZAPPS-17] - [DOC MANAGEMENT] - Add a loader when the move popup items opens, and loads the directory tree


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